Welcome to Woodplay

Computers are finding themselves in woodshops, which other than the ever-present problem of dust, seems like a great idea. I also really like the idea of creating a woodworking blog. A blog isn’t necessarily in the woodshop, but it is free from dust.


So after a long wait, I give you…Woodplay.

Woodplay will be a place where I can showcase my projects to a select group — my friends and family. I also plan on using this blog as a resource for posting interesting tidbits about woodworking that I have gleaned over the years.

Feel free to add your input too.

It’s organic and will likely evolve with time. For now, I foresee providing info on my favorite jigs, most helpful tips, shop safety, special interest (books, amazing trees, etc.), and workspace ideas.

Hope you enjoy!

Lars Benson


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