A New Office with Hardwood Planked Floors

The last of the major house projects is done! <three cheers> We have upgraded our house from 2 bedrooms 1 bath to 5 bedrooms 2 baths. We’ve easily doubled the equity in the house, even in today’s market.

I converted the old pantry into a luscious office space/fifth bedroom. It has received glowing reviews. As with the bathroom, it is almost impossible to picture what the previous room looked like.

The highlight of the room is the oak planked floor. I knew it would look good, I just didn’t realize it would look that good. It is the wood I brought back from Atlanta. The boards vary in widths of 6, 8, and 10 inches. I applied a light cherry stain and three coats of kelthane (similar to polyurethane, but with better coverage).

The most work was planing the wood to the right thickness — 7/8″. Planing would have been easier with a stronger planer; the Dewalt 13″ benchtop didn’t have the muscle to pull and cut the long, heavy boards. After pushing 90% of the boards through the Dewalt, Jeremy let me use the 15″ Jet planer at the Jr. High for the few that were left. Huge difference.

Next shop upgrade will be a stronger planer.

Sarah encouraged me to decorate the office with a “Lars” theme–swords, mounted insects, fossils, books, art, figurines (basically eclectic), and she didn’t need to tell me twice. She says the office now matches my personality, and I tend to agree.

The following pictures show the same room before the remodel and after. Like I said, it’s hard to imagine that it was once a scary pantry.


~ by Clearwater Hackle on September 30, 2008.

5 Responses to “A New Office with Hardwood Planked Floors”

  1. Lars this floor looks amazing! I am still amazed at well this turned out and that you didn’t lose the vision! Great Job!

  2. man this looks great! I didn’t know you could do different size planks for a floor and have them turn out so nice.

  3. turned out better than I thought. Good choice going with the subfloor.

  4. Wow! I can’t believe this is the same room.

  5. Very nice.

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