From a Nightmare Space to a Dream Bathroom

Paul and I finally finished the basement bathroom. I’m happy with it. Now just one major project left and the house will be fully updated.

The bathroom feels like a spa. The whole design of the area — paint, tile, accessories, came together with striking results. It is difficult trying to picture the old space.

This has been my most challenging project to date. There are at least three reasons it was so challenging. The first and main reason is because neither of us had any previous plumbing experience, let alone knowing anything about the old way of plumbing. We underwent a crash course on drains, water lines, vents, etc. Second, is because we were very limited in places to hide the new piping. And third, we had to allow access to water and sewer the majority of the time since we were living in the house while remodeling it.

We replaced all of the old drain pipes and water lines. It was scary to see how corroded they were. The main advantage I see behind cast iron is that it is heavy and absorbs sound better than ABS. Other than that, I rest better knowing my house is outfitted with PEX and ABS instead of galvanized and cast.

Now that we have conquered this job, I feel confident I can fully plumb a complete house.

We kept the entire project under $2000. Not bad for building a new bathroom and completely replacing out the old plumbing. I can almost hear you asking how we kept the cost so low? Here’s where the money went (approximately):

  • $600 for the sink, toilet, and fixtures.
  • $400 for the new plumbing (including tool rentals)
  • $400 for tile, grout, backerboard, etc.
  • $150 for wood, sheetrock, paint
  • $50 for the window (remnant)
  • $50 for miscellaneous
  • And the rest for Paul’s wages (I’ll let you do the math!) And, uh, thanks again Paul for being willing to help me out for those couple of weeks!

The only drawback to the bathroom is the limited space. It would be absolutely perfect with about 30-40 more square feet. Maybe in the next house.

The following are pre and post pictures of the same space.


~ by Clearwater Hackle on March 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “From a Nightmare Space to a Dream Bathroom”

  1. I think this could have qualified for the world’s ugliest bathroom before you ripped it out and transformed it. Who would have thought the space could look this nice? Good work guys!

  2. Impressive. I hate plumbing. ALways messy. You guys shouls come do my bathroom next. ; )

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