Handcrafted Vintage Coffee Table

This is one of my favorite pieces. It’s my own design, and I must say that it came together with stunning results. The coffee table merges the old with the new. It’s both modern and traditional.

It stands slightly higher than regular coffee tables, giving it a touch of elegance. The shelf on the bottom completes the design while also providing a convenient place to stow baskets or magazines.

The kids have been loving it too because it’s the perfect place to play games and eat snacks.

The table measures approximately 25” wide x 40” long x 19 ½” tall. (Sorry, no plans for this one since I am considering making a couple more and selling them.)

It is constructed out of yellow pine hand-selected from a pile of wood that has been carefully weathered for 50+ years. You can see signs of the wood’s age in the dents, scrapes, and nail holes, all of which add to the charm of this coffee table.

The finish is beautiful and of a quality that you don’t typically see in stores, probably because it’s such a painstaking process to do. The finish has tones of deep reds and dark browns, and was an eight-stage process to complete the finish! Maybe someday I will get around to writing a post on how I did it. In a nutshell, I used stains, dyes, and lacquer– all water-based products which are easier on the environment.

Click on the following thumbnails to view larger images.

[Update: Gallery format updated Dec ’08]


~ by Clearwater Hackle on June 27, 2007.

One Response to “Handcrafted Vintage Coffee Table”

  1. One thing Lars forgot to mention – when we have friends over for dinner, we often take this coffee table into the kitchen and turn it into a kids table. The kids sit on little rocking chairs and stools around. It’s a perfect height and the kids love it!

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