Tips for Saving Big on Lumber

Happy day! I just bought 1000 bf of wood for $225. The wood is white oak, sweetgum, and poplar.

Here’s what I did.

I called several tree trimming guys to find out if they could give/sell me leftover logs. Most (gasp) toss them in the dump. I finally found a guy in Hampton (south Atlanta, near our place) who recently bought a sawmill. He has hundreds of logs stacked up in his backyard and said that he started milling about two months ago. He figured he could recoup some cost by milling and also hated seeing all that wood go to waste.

I can appreciate this guy’s wisdom.

I placed an order of 6, 8, and 10 inch wide by 10 feet long lumber. Mostly oak. I wanted walnut, but here in Georgia mature walnut is very rare because a disease wiped a lot of it out several years ago.

He was willing to cut the wood for a whomping $0.25 a bf. Incredible price. I doubt I can find better prices for the milling portion, let alone buying the wood. He is willing to take other orders too. Once he becomes more established, he will start charging more for the wood and milling.

Sure, the wood is rough and needs dried, but I can do that. I plan on bringing this load back to Idaho in the moving truck. It should fit nicely on the truck’s floor. He even threw in about an extra 100 bf of sweetgum — large planks over 15 inches wide. I have never worked with sweetgum and am excited to give it a try.

As for the other guys who throw the logs away, two of them said they would call me next time they have some wood that meets my specs. They were happy to oblige because it is a) less work and b) less money since they pay a landfill charge. Their only concern is that I will need to remove the logs quickly. Sounds like a deal to me.


~ by Clearwater Hackle on June 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “Tips for Saving Big on Lumber”

  1. Very cool. I hadn’t thought about htat before. Can you give me some when you come back to ID?

  2. Nope. But for the right price, I’ll sell you some Hey, this wood still cost me money. Think of all the extra gas I had to pay. ; )

    What would you want?

  3. […] to Dry Lumber I recently explained how I saved a couple thousand dollars buying lumber. Now that we moved from Georgia back to Idaho, it became necessary to figure out how […]

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