A Beautiful Homemade Dollhouse

Hyrum made this dollhouse for his girls’ Christmas present. As you can guess, they loved it.

What I like about his dollhouse is that a) it’s large enough to accommodate taller dolls (like barbies), b) it’s all made out of about 1 sheet of plywood, so nothing too pricey, and c) it is sturdy yet attractive. (Maybe I need to make one of these for Rachel someday…). The interior is made out of remnant carpet and linoleum.

I suspect he built a jig to easily cut all of the trim for the exterior of the house. If not, the trim would gobble up too much time. I’ll need to ask him to see if he did.

Hyrum draws out much more detailed plans than I typically do. My motto is regarding plans — do whatever works for you. Oh, and he told me that he normally charges $45 for the plans but is willing to sell them to me for $35. Sounds like Hyrum, eh? : )

[Update: Gallery format updated Dec ’08]


~ by Clearwater Hackle on December 30, 2005.

3 Responses to “A Beautiful Homemade Dollhouse”

  1. Wow I know my girls will love this. Every little girl’s dream

  2. I think this turned out so cute. I’m sure Rachel would love one – hint, hint.

  3. lucky girls!

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