Awesome Tablesaw Outfeed System

I emailed a guy by the name of Bill Larson regarding an incredible outfeed system he made for his tablesaw. He was very gracious in answering my questions and emailing additional pictures. He even sent me plans, but I don’t think I will post them on Woodplay since I never asked for his permission. The photos, however, are fine to show. It was a couple of years ago I emailed him, and unfortunately, have since changed email addresses and in the process lost his. At least I still have the pictures.

Here’s what I like about the outfeed sytem. 1) It can support wide sheets and also support ripping long boards; 2) it can be adaptable to small shop spaces; 3) it helps glide the boards across for smooth, clean cutting; and 4) it doesn’t cost much to build. In comparison, plan on spending at least an extra grand for a commercial outfeed system.

The table slides into the the box tubing of the fence and the other two slide into melamine box tubes built into the cabinet of the outfeed table.

[Update: Gallery format updated Dec ’08]


~ by Clearwater Hackle on September 20, 2005.

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