Wasted Space Turns Into a Spacious Bedroom

Many old houses have large, unused attic spaces. Ours was no exception. The attic even had two windows already installed. So it made sense to convert this area into a new bedroom vs. building out an expensive addition. Saving time and money were the deciding factors. The main drawback of converting an attic is the low and unusable ceiling space, which limits the type of furniture you can use. Even so, I personally find the sloped ceilings charming.

We are thrilled with the results.

Since we were in a time crunch, I hired out the sheetrock. And I’m glad I did. Jim Ray did a fantastic job, and he also taught me a few tricks so that I will be able to hang and mud the next project myself. He also taught me and Sarah a cool painting technique. We painted on a base coat, then washed on one more coat of a slightly darker color. The results are quite stunning. If I remember, I might write an article about it sometime and post it to Woodplay.

As many of you know, this is our second time converting an attic into a bedroom. It was much easier this time around. Having completed two now, though, I no longer have a desire to do any more. 🙂

The room is long and narrow, about 26 feet by 13 feet. The closet area is about 6 feet wide by 11 feet long. Much larger than the 2×3 foot closet in our old bedroom!

The following are pictures of the before and after of the space.

[Update: Gallery updated with new format Dec ’08]


~ by Clearwater Hackle on November 20, 2004.

2 Responses to “Wasted Space Turns Into a Spacious Bedroom”

  1. The carpet I installed looks great.

  2. wow – to think all that space was just wasted before

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